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What is .games ?

Games Domain was a Video game website founded by Dave Stanworth and based in Birmingham,UK . In the late 1990s, it was at one time mirrored in seven countries and had a tumultuous history of being purchased by different corporations over its 11-year existence. It was active from March 1994 until March 2005.

Who should get .games ?

It is for everyone. Who want grown up their business and get connected all over the world through the web. This domain is for those people.
Your dream .com domain name is probably long gone. Thankfully .game domains have opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Why use .games ?

i) Short, which means it will be easier to remember for your customer.
ii) Has positive overtones in your advertisement.
iii) It is a new challenge to the gamer.

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Here is no age limit for playing games. everyone loves to play games. games are always entertained by all types of people, in every corner of the globe. Now, with the launch of .games domains, there’s an instantly recognizable and highly searchable web address to attract players to your gaming website.



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