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Terms and Conditions

By June 26, 2014July 20th, 2023Terms and Conditions

Hosting Upgrades

Hosting packages through our partners are subject to systems upgrades. System upgrades and changes occur from time to time. This may impact services.


WebEngin Pty. Ltd. is a reseller of Domains, Hostings, SSLs, and related services only.

WebEngin Pty. Ltd. is not responsible for any use of the services.


WebEngin Pty. Ltd. is partnered with NetRegistry through TPP Wholesale Services. NetRegistry references in the following Terms and Conditions represent WebEngin Pty. Ltd. These Terms and Conditions are also located at


No refunds or returns are possible due to the service not being a product.  Once purchased the service is created on the associated registries and servers.


As this is a corporate-managed service with privacy and auto-renew uptime as the highest priority, therefore, cancellation in writing and with confirmation of cancellation from us is required. Otherwise, services continue on the basis mentioned.

Read supplementary Terms and Conditions here: Netregistry > Legals

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