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WebEngin Pty. Ltd. is a reseller of domain registrations, hosting registrations and SSL registrations only.

  • Masters Degree Qualified Project Management offering;
    • Surgical Knowledge of Domains, Hosting, and Web
    • Experience across all industries
    • Tried and Tested Growth and Strategy Advice
    • Accounting and Best Practice Perspective
  • Would you trust your business with unqualified partners?
  • Would you partner your domains and hosting with cheap and nasty providers?

1. Why WebEngin

WebEngin domains and hosting infrastructure and registrations is partnered with PlanetDomain/TPP Wholesale, part of the NetRegistry Group, the largest domain registrar in Australia.

The NetRegistry Group comprises of the following brands aimed at different market segments;

  • PlanetDomain (Formerly Australia’s leading wholesale domains and hosting, until November 2011, now a mid range brand)
  • TPP Wholesale (Taken over wholesale from PlanetDomain from November 2011, taken over wholesale for DistributeI.T.)
  • DistributeI.T. (Formerly the only 100% wholesale domains and hosting company)
  • Zip Hosting (Budget, No Frills)
  • NetRegistry (The Leading Brand and Group, Budget to Low Range)

The WebEngin brand is aimed at the those who demand Masters Degree quality knowledge, support, assistance and advice. Unlike the NetRegistry Group brands WebEngin is unique with Degree qualified experts and local phone numbers across Australia and New Zealand.

WebEngin domains and hosting services and infrastructure is guaranteed by the NetRegistry Group.

In a nutshell it pays to be partnered with experts, it pays to be guaranteed, it pays dividends when you’re given the right advice.

2. Comparison
  WebEngin Go Daddy Crazy Domains
Qualified Customer Service Providers
Masters Degree Qualified Project Management
Yes no no
Australian Based Yes no Yes
Local Contact Numbers Across Australia and
New Zealand
Yes no no
Sydney Data Centre Hosting
(Fastest Servers In Australia)
Yes no no
Industry Standard cPanel Yes no Non Standard Version
Domain Manager (per year) Free $ $12.00
Price for
(min 2yr registration)
$43.89 $19.98 $24.00

3. Qualified

WebEngin, is the premier domain and hosting provider with masters degree qualified project management, WebEngin is not the cheapest provider but still very competitive on price when compared to others and significantly cheaper when you compare value. It pays to have qualified people to help and represent you!

There’s a big difference between a good host and a bad host and there’s a gigantic difference between a great host and a host that runs their pricing too cheap and can’t cover their costs. At WebEngin you will find the right advice with lateral thinking. With expert advice in the long term you end up spending less and receive better results.

4. Other Domain Resellers & Their Tactics

Often, other domain resellers sell their domains below wholesale price. You are not, however, saving money in the long run as these resellers will demand additional costs elsewhere after you sign up. Standard services that you receive with WebEngin you will find are inflated additional costs with other resellers. To add to this, resellers often use tactics such as selling to you based on confusion, for example, domain privacy, signing you up for an account before you checkout and not displaying the price of the domain in your cart until you checkout. These resellers also try to sell you into other versions of the domain which may mean you are buying additional versions that will never be used and are unpopular, therefore unnecessary.

Other Domain Resellers are known to offer a Certified Domain addon which consists of a sticker to put on your website. This sticker claims to give your website protection, when in actual fact its main purpose is as an advertising tool for the reseller. As a result, you are essentially paying to advertise the reseller.

5. Australian Based

Being Australian based you know you will get to deal with locals who are more than happy to help you, and there is no need to endure the hassle of overseas call centres and phone delays.

6. Contact Numbers

With local contact numbers across Australia and New Zealand you are able to call a local number in your area, making it easier to get the advice you need when you need it. A little extra goes a long way, getting the right web infrastructure saves you in the long term!

7. Hosting

WebEngin is partnered with NetRegistry for hosting. Utilising the Sydney Data Centre for the fastest hosting on the east coast of Australia, load balanced, 99.9% uptime, and redundant; this is world class hosting and the leader in Australia.

8. Industry Standards

There are numerous background differences between the various Web Infrastructure platforms, if your web infrastructure is hosted with WebEngin it is guaranteed proper working and intended outcome of works.

This is due to, WebEngin proudly employing industry standards such as cPanel. For hosting there are many different platforms (Control Panel) systems, it’s important to make the right choice;

    • Baifox
    • cPanel (Industry Standard)
    • DirectAdmin
    • Domain Technologie Control
    • Gnupanel
    • H-Sphere
    • HDE Controller X
    • Hosting Controller
    • i-MSCP
    • InterWorx
    • ISPConfig
    • ispCP
    • Kloxo/Lxadmin
    • Plesk
    • SysCP
    • Froxlor
    • Usermin
    • Virtualmin/Pro
    • Webmin
  • The same hosting (Control Panel) systems with different configurations can result in restrictive configurations and/or missing parts.
  • Having an array of different domain name management systems handling compliance and government requirements differently.
  • Having an array of different website applications systems such as;
    PHP Content Management System (CMS)
    • AdaptCMS Lite
    • ATutor
    • b2evolution
    • BEdita
    • BLOG:CMS
    • CivicSpace
    • CMS Made Simple
    • Conrete5
    • Cotoni
    • Dotclear
    • Drupal
    • DynPG
    • e107
    • Exponent CMS
    • eZ Publish
    • Frog CMS
    • Geeklog
    • Habari
    • ImpressCMS
    • Joomla!
    • Jumbo
    • Kajona
    • KnowledgeTree Document Management System
    • Lyceum
    • Mambo
    • Mediawiki
    • MiaCMS
    • Midgard CMS
    • MODx
    • Nucleus CMS
    • Ocportal
    • Opus
    • papaya CMS
    • Phire CMS
    • PHP-Fusion
    • PHP-Nuke
    • PHPSplash
    • phpWarmSky
    • phpWebSite
    • pimcore
    • PivotX
    • Pixie (CMS)
    • RavenNuke CMS
    • RenovatioCMS
    • SMW+
    • Serendipity
    • SilverStripe
    • SPIP
    • Squiz CMS/Matrix
    • TangoCMS
    • Textpattern
    • Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
    • Tribiq CMS
    • TYPO3
    • whCMS
    • WoOfCMS
    • WordPress
    • Wuzly
    • Xaraya
    • XOOPS
    • Zikula
  • Other website applications systems such as;
  • Blogs:
    • b2evolution
    • Nucleus
    • WordPress
  • Classifieds:
    • Noah’s Classifieds
  • Customer Support:
    • Crafty Syntax Live Help
    • Help Center Live
    • osTicket
    • PHP Support Tickets
    • Support Logic Helpdesk
    • Support Services Manager
  • Discussion Boards:
    • phpBB
    • SMF
    • YaBBSE
  • E-Commerce:
    • CubeCart
    • OS Commerce
    • Zen Cart
  • FAQ:
    • FAQMasterFlex
  • Hosting Billing:
    • AccountLab Plus
    • phpCOIN
  • Image Galleries:
    • 4images Gallery
    • Coppermine Photo Gallery
    • Gallery
  • Mailing List:
    • PHPlist
  • Polls and Surveys:
    • Advanced Poll
    • LimeSurvey
    • phpESP
  • Project Management:
    • PHProjekt
    • dotProject
  • Site Builders:
    • Soholaunch Pro Edition
    • Templates Express
  • Wiki:
    • PhpWiki
  • Other Scripts:
    • Dew-NewPHPLinks
    • Moodle
    • Open-Realty
    • OpenX
    • PHPauction
    • phpFormGenerator
    • WebCalendar

9. Price

For degree qualified professionals at hand WebEngin is second to none.

Never let your hosting or domains expire; WebEngin allows auto credit card subscription with email reminders so you will be auto debited upon renewal. These days web infrastructure with domains and hosting supporting website, email, booking systems, ecommerce and much more is mission critical. Going down, even for a day can have catastrophic consequences to business.

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