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Is My Website Up?

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  1. Can I see it on my computer? No, go to step 2
  2. Can I see it on my mobile phone from a different ISP?
    • Switch Mobile to 3G or 4G then check?
      • Yes, Your computer IP is probably blocked. Please follow the link
      • No, Contact ISP provider. see below
  3. Contact ISP provider
    • If they confirm it is up then it may be a localised problem to your area, service routers in area may be re-propagating. There may be an outage not due to the server itself. Give it time then test again using 4G.
    • If not, see below
  4. If WebEngin confirms an outage. WebEngin has 99.9% uptime. If an outage is the case, WebEngin will endeavour to bring the site up as soon as possible
    • If WebEngin confirms it is up, see step 5
  5. Has your website been hacked?
    • Contact website developer or WebEngin


Common Causes

  • Hacked sites, contact website developer or WebEngin.
  • DNS changes, propagation.
  • ISP exchanges services, changes, propagation.
  • 0.01% genuine technical server outage.
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