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What is ? is commonly used as alternative for, in future .co is going to be major domain type. .uk is the top level domain of United Kingdom. is used to represent commercial and other websites of United Kingdom and spread the information through out the world.

Who should get ?

Individuals, business owners and brands operating in United Kingdom must get this address to promote their address in United Kingdom.

Why use ?

Using will increase the traffic to website and promote website in search results when it is searched in United Kingdom region and helps to improve the business.
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As with other ccTLDs in the early days it was originally delegated to an individual by Jon Postel. In time, it passed to Willie Black at the UK Education and Research Networking Association (UKERNA). Originally, domain requests were emailed, manually screened by and then forwarded to the UK Naming Committee before being processed by UKERNA. Membership of this committee was restricted to a group of high-end ISPs who were part of a formal peering arrangement.

The Naming Committee was organised as a mailing list to which all proposed names were circulated. The members would consider the proposals under a ruleset that insisted that all domain names should be very close if not identical to a registered business name of the registrant. Members of the Naming Committee could object to any name, and if at least a small number of objections were received, the name was refused.

Allocation of domain names

Allocations are on a strict first-come, first-served basis to qualified applicants. There are no territorial restrictions: applicants need not have any connection to the UK other than those outlined below for and other restricted domains. is by far the most used of the domains, followed by then and are only rarely used. The number of new registrations for each of the different .uk domains on a month by month basis can be seen on the Nominet website ( Archived July 16, 2012, at the Wayback Machine.)

1 review for Domain Name Type United Kingdom Business or Commercial DOT CO DOT UK

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