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What is .fishing ?

.fishing is an internet domain that is specifically geared for people who are in the fishing industry or who are partially or wholly engaged in dealing of fish products/services.

Who should get .fishing ?


People and business houses who are engaged in dealing and distribution of food products should get this domain.

Additionally, people who are into the business of providing fish tanks, fish food and other fish-related articles.

.fishing can also be used by people who want to post general content about cooking fish.


Why use .fishing ?

Using this .fishing domain extension increases traffic to your website and makes your business popular.

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.fishing is a new generic top-level domain targeted to fishing industry professionals and enthusiasts as well as for use in by sporting goods and fishing equipment brands. The .fishing TLD is open to the public with no restrictions.

Registration for this domain is open to anyone. The registry accepts registrations of internationalized domain names.

Fishing is a meditative and relaxing pastime for many people, but it is also an extremely successful commercial venture. The .fishing domain will be a perfect standard domain for those who engage in fishing either recreationally or professionally.


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