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What is is the Australian top level domain which helps you to spread your business information throughout the world. .com is used for commercial websites, is one of the top domain type with .au domain.

Who should get ?

Individuals, business owners and brands operating in Australia must get this address to promote their address in Australia.

Why use ?

Using .au will increase the traffic to website and promote website in search results when it is searched in Australia region and helps to improve the business.
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Webengin Domain Type DOT COM DOT AUHistory

The domain name was originally allocated by Jon Postel, operator of IANA to Kevin Robert Elz of Melbourne University in 1986. After an approximately five-year process in the 1990s, the Internet industry created a self-regulatory body called .au Domain Administration to operate the domain.


Oversight of .au is by .au Domain Administration (auDA). It is a not-for-profit organisation whose membership is derived from Internet organisations, industry members and interested individuals. The organisation operates under the consent of the Australian government which has legislative power to decide the operators of electronic addressing in the country.

Policy for .au is devised by policy development panels. These panels are convened by auDA and combine public input with industry representation to derive policy.


It is no longer possible to register directly in the second level of .au (such as The naming rules for .au require registrations under second-level categories that describe a type of entity., for example, is designed for commercial entities.

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